Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keep Moving Forward

Got three rejections this past month--all within a few days of each other.

But I'll be darned if I didn't turn around and send them right back out again! Plus a couple!

So now, my sub queue is as follows:
"Hummingbird" at Haruah
"Nightingale" at Coyote Wild (with a shorter opening)
"The Cleansing" at Every Day Fiction
"Jack of Stones" at Weird Tales (still)
"Strange Love" at The Town Drunk (still)
"Lover's Knot" at Ideomancer


Jax said...

Read your article on FFO. Wondering where we can read the rest of your stories.


Suzanne Vincent said...

Hey Jax,

Unfortunately I only have two stories available for 'public consumption' right now. One is on FFO. The other is here on my site.

You can find links to both of them on my blog page--right below the picture of the nightingale.

Thanks for visiting!