Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Six

I've been MEMED!

Thanks to Creative A over at Headdesk for giving me a moment to reflect on the things that really matter.

And I'll be tagging some of you out there, so watch out!

The meme rules are as follows:

1. In a blog post list six things that make you happy.

2. Tag six bloggers, give ‘em a heads up, and link to them.

3. State the meme rules in your post.

My Six:
1. Me. Really I'm the only one who can find true happiness for myself. No one, nothing can make me happy without me allowing it to.

So, the other five are things that I greatly enjoy allowing myself to feel a deep and abiding inner peace and joy over:

2. Cuddling with my husband after we've made love. It is then that I feel closest to him, that I feel the most at peace being with him, this man whom I love and honor as my best friend, my hero, my true love.

3. Holding a sleeping child. This doesn't work as well with children that are not my own, and sadly my children are fast becoming too large to hold while they sleep. My youngest is almost ten and her long legs far overreach the bounds of my lap, but I still relish the opportunities I do have to hold her in my arms while she falls asleep.

4. Summer. I have never been a winter person. Summer is an abundance of life and living. It is the sun and full moons and stars in the heavens. It is watermelon and corn on the cob. It is a growing garden and hot lazy afternoons. It is freedom from the tyrrany of winter.

5. Wool socks. I can survive the winter if my feet are warm.

6. Music. What would life be like without it?

6A. So I'm cheating, but I've learned these past few years the value of a humor, of laughter, of a really funny joke, of Brainiac videos on Youtube, of joyful abandon in living and loving and laughing.

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