Monday, June 22, 2009

Kicking and Screaming...

...into the 21st Century.

I just joined Facebook. Though I think I'll skip Twitter. It seems like a whole lot of very little. I dunno. Reminds me just a little of Chinese Water Torture.

Anyway, look for me on Facebook. Although I suspect it'll be mostly family-ish stuff there. Who knows. We'll see.

At least I'm not as backwards as my parents. They only got a chordless phone a couple of years ago, still don't have an answering machine or messaging system, still running their internet on Dial-up. And this is MY dad. We had a desktop computer in our house before most people even knew what they were and bought our first VHS player when they were $1200 and video stores were few and far between!


Chef Mark said...

I refuse to kick and scream my way into the 21st Century. But if it works for you, go for it!

Vincent said...

I'm not sure it is working for me. I'll try it, but at the moment it feels like listening to random conversations in a crowded room.

I'm not much on crowds.

David Steffen said...

Your comment about Twitter being like Chinese water torture is hilarious! I've never instood the point of Twitter.

Facebook can be a really handy marketing tool, giving a single easy place to send out free announcements, as well as a way to spread your writing contacts.

In any case, I sent a friend request in your direction. :)