Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feel Goods!

One of the worst parts about editing for a fiction magazine is sending out rejections.

Well, I lie. I can't say it's ALWAYS the worst. Sometimes I really enjoy it. But only rarely. Only when a writer clearly disregards all guidelines of decorum and street smarts. When self-proclaimed experienced writers are snooty, thinking they're too important to follow our submission guidelines, or making sure I understand just how important they are.

But most writers aren't like that.

At FFO we go through a great deal of extra work to provide friendly, positive, helpful rejections--especially to those writers who make it past our first round of the selection process. I collect, save, and send comments form our editorial team about their stories, for which most are very appreciative.

Some even blog about how appreciative they are. I LOVE those kind of writers. They make me see how worthwhile the effort is.

Like this guy. Jay Garmon.


Thanks, Jay!!

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Jay Garmon said...

Constructive feedback from editors is (for me, at least) rather rare, and as a nonfiction editor I know how time-consuming that feedback can be. I certainly appreciated the time taken and am glad to encourage the habit.