Friday, May 23, 2008

School and Slush

School is almost out! I'm excited beyond words!

The kids are too, of course.

It means freedom for all of us. The only glitch is that now we'll be fighting over the computer. I REALLY have to sell some stories so I can afford to buy me a laptop!

The closer the end of school comes, the more anxious I am for it to be OVER. It's like pulling teeth to get the kids--and myself--to do any schooling.

Then, what should happen, but my inbox this morning was full of slush. What to do? Read them, of course. I LOVE reading slush--both the good and the bad. I also love critiquing stories, so I find it hard to send back a simple 'reject' or 'accept.' I find myself compulsively including comments about almost every story.

But slush and school make a bad combination. If I have slush in my inbox, we might as well not try to school at all until I get it all read and returned.

That's done.

The weekend is here.

I hope (sort of) I don't get any more slush until after school is done.

NOTE: For those following the snake saga, we're in the midst of a shedding cycle. One's done, another's coming very soon, the third is a ways off yet. Also, Garter snakes don't seem to be particularly keen on crickets.

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