Friday, August 15, 2008

Barnes & Noble, Here I Come!

So now I have $55 to spend at B&N.

My son has been all day at band camp this whole week and my daughter has been taking a veg week before school starts, but one of my son's lawn-mowing customers still needed his lawn done, so I did it.

I need the exercise. Believe me. Hubby and I usually jog, but band camp has thrown a wrench in our usual schedule, so we haven't gone running at all this week. So I mowed and earned $15. That plus my $40 gift certificate from the wonderful and crazy ladies who helped me organize and run Young Women's Camp in July.

So what should I buy?

Bookstores and office supply stores are two of my favorite places, but I can spend hours searching and yearning and second-guessing and changing my mind and searching for bargains--and $55 can go FAST in a bookstore. I'm also a bit odd in that I like to make sure I'm buying something that I'll be happy with forever. So my most recent bookstore purchases--aside from schoolbooks for the kids--have been classics, collections, some of my favorite books that I like to read again and again (that's a VERY short list, by the way), and nonfiction books about cool and interesting subjects.

I could use new copies of Dandelion Wine and Enchanted. Both are pretty hashed. I also wouldn't mind buying a few more Patricia McKillip books. One thing I do NOT want to do is buy books for anyone but me. Deservedly selfish of me, I think.

At any rate, I'll probably end up taking an afternoon and driving there myself so I don't have kids nagging at me to just hurry up and pick something and let's GO!

Watch out, B&N. I'll be there soon!

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Shelly said...

ooooh, ME, Me! Pick Me! I want a book! lol