Saturday, November 1, 2008

Movie (Or is it a Play?) Recommendation

My family and I sat down tonight and watched "The Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Compleate Works of Wlm. Shakespeare, Abridged."

If you haven't seen this production live (which I have), you can now get it on DVD, and it's JUST as entertaining.

Our whole family had plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and learned a lot about Shakespeare. My daughter even remarked that watching this production made her want to read more Shakespeare.

Granted, it's probably not a film you're going to find readily at your local Blockbuster Video. So I'm going to recommend Netflix while I'm here.

We've been using Netflix for around 6 months now, and are supremely impressed. Their selection of films is HUGE! I've never looked up a movie (even obscure ones) and not had a successful search. They even have educational videos, PBS videos, documentaries, foreign films, independent films. They're all there. They have an automatic recommendation system based on your ratings of films you've already seen. Their customer service is absolutely TOP NOTCH! And the price is easily competetive with any plan the local video stores offer. Their turnaround time is impressively swift. We mail our movies in on Wednesday and we almost always have our next batch of movies back for our Friday family movie night. Movies are easily searchable by genre, title, starring actors, etc.

We pay $18 a month which allows us to have three movies at home, plus unlimited access to Netflix's fairly extensive library of Watch Instantly movies that includes a whole lot of classic films, and a good number of more recent ones. My kids will sit at the computer and watch Pink Panther cartoons, or old musicals. I've watched "Empire of the Sun" and "Murder by Death." My youngest fell in love with "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."

Good times!

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