Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't like Barack Obama, and it has to do with freedom.

I look at what he stands for, and what I love about America. To me those two things seem opposed to one another.

I am a lover of history. I look back to the accomplishments of our founding fathers and can feel nothing but honor for the grand experiment they undertook. And this was no trivial thing. All had studied the successes and failures of the past. All were determined to regain liberties lost to tyrrany. All found themselves--somewhat reluctantly for no small number of them--on the verge of changing the world for the better.

And what started all this? This Revolution? In large part, two things that I think Americans take so very for granted that some are ready to hand them over to a man who wants to quash them--the sister-rights to property and self-determination.

To make things clear, I should say that:
*I believe, as the founders did, that human beings are endowed with certain inalienable rights, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution;
*I believe that the men responsible for those documents, in writing those documents, were inspired by the very God who wishes all his children to attain those rights;
*I believe, as they did, in man's right to choose for himself, as long as those choices do no harm to anyone else, and that when we are free to choose for ourselves we are also free to enjoy or suffer the consequences of our choices;
*I believe, as they did, that this right to choose--agency--should be extended to a person's property and how he or she chooses to manage it.

So why do I stand in opposition to Barack Obama?

If you don't know you don't know enough about him to make an educated and informed vote--which is your duty as a citizen of this nation.

Obama wants to take away, to a greater degree than his predecessors anyway, my right to decide how I want my property used. He calls it 'sharing the wealth.' Some might call it charity. But I believe that when we stand before the bar of God, charity will only be counted in our favor if we have given by force of our own free will, not by force of government compulsion. And no, it doesn't matter if YOU are OK with it. Because for every person who is OK with it, there is at least one other person who is NOT OK with it. And THAT person is being forced to charity. THAT person has had his/her freedom to choose stripped from him.

Besides, if you want to get right down the nuts and bolts of it, who REALLY believes the government--that lumbering monstrosity of organization and management principles--is the best solution to the nation's problems? I suppose if what you want is a flood of red tape, mismanagement, gluttonous spending practices, dirty-handed dealing, then SURE! By all means. Let's make it bigger, more encompassing, give it more control over our lives and livelihoods. Cause, gee, I'm so POSITIVE that Obama will make it super-efficient. Obama will end the practice of adding pork to every spending bill that comes down the pike. Obama will convince every employer in this nation that he will not only want to give more of his earnings to the government but that he'll be grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Wow! Barack's our man!

(You DO know sarcasm when you read it. Right?)

Me, I'd really rather take care of myself, thanks just the same Mr. Obama.

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