Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a DAY!!

The band saga continues: Another tournament, another SWEEP of the awards!


I just heard from Norm at Drabblecast. My story, "Strange Love" will be up on the site as an audio cast Tuesday night or Wednesday of this week! The site address is:
Those of you who still think I'm a mild-mannered Mormon girl (still proudly Mormon, but hardly mild-mannered and WAY beyond being a girl), I hope you won't think less of me after listening. ;-)


Kevin Anderson said...

Great story on the drabblecast. Very strange. What in the world inspiered that plot?

Suzanne Vincent said...


I had become interested in tatoos (in fact, I have a second tatto story on the market right now) and also involved in an internet critique group.

Our group was having a discussion on some subject--I don't remember exactly what--and I threw the story together to demonstrate a point. The first draft took me all of twenty minutes to write and my comrades kinda, well, started thinking odd things about me. I could almost intuit their perceptions of me shifting.


However, I have to give credit to Liberty Hall's Flash Challenges for developing my write-on-the-fly skills.