Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Strange Love" Where Did THAT Come From?!?

I'll tell you.

I once participated in an online critique group. We'd 'meet' once a week, exchange manuscripts, then meet back a week later to give our critiques.

In between we'd talk about this and that. Mostly writerly things. On one occasion, we were talking about some aspect of the writing craft. I don't even remember what. Mind you, this was probably three years ago or more. At any rate, I just started writing, slapping words onto an email, and out came this THING! It was like that scene in Men In Black where the alien woman gives birth to the squid baby--something kinda cute, kinda ugly, kinda very unexpected worming its way out of the dark recesses of my mind.

In reality, I'm a fairly ordinary person.

OK. Maybe not ORDINARY, per se.

But, heck! If the odd sells, maybe I should write more of it!

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