Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life, the Universe, and Everything!

No, not the Douglas Adams book.

It's a free annual sci-fi and fantasy conference hosted by BYU in Provo, Utah.

And I'm going.


This is my third year. Last year I took my older kids with me, and we had a fun weekend of it. They're coming again this year. My son is most excited for the Munchkin tournament on Saturday. We LOVE playing Munchkin!

We'll be meeting Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury for lunch on Saturday, I'll try to come out of my shell and do a little more shoulder rubbing with authors like Brandon Sanderson, Dave Wolverton, Jessica Day George, Brandon Mull, Tracy and Laura Hickman, I hope to learn a little something and just have fun.

My youngest, who is staying home with her Daddy, wants me to take our copy of Fablehaven for Brandon Mull to sign.

Oh, and I need to pick up a printer cartridge somewhere along the way.

Office Depot--they've got my cartridge the cheapest!

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