Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life, the Universe, and CONduit

LTUE was GREAT fun!

The three of us attended some really excellent discussions and workshops, including "Blurb Boiling" by Lesli Muir Lytle on writing the query letter that'll keep the potential editor/agent reading; "Crafting a Story" by Clint Johnson, a soon-to-be published Dragon Lance world writer; a discussion on writing sequels with Dave Wolverton, Tracy Hickman, Brandon Sanderson, and others; a discussion on myth and mythology with Lee Modessit, Mette Ivie Harrison and others; an address on "Creative Reading" by Tracy Hickman; a discussion on writing for the MG/YA markets with Jessica Day George, Mette Ivie Harrison, Julie Wright and others; a discussion on filling a novel with 100,000 words with Tracy Hickman, Brandon Sanderson, Dave Wolverton and others.

AND we had lunch with Kathleen, AND I got up the nerve to run an idea by her.

I asked her what she thought about me teaching a workshop for next year's LTUE on writing SF/F for the flash fiction market.

She says, "Well..." And I'm thinking, 'Crap! She hates the idea.' But then she says, "Why don't you do it for CONduit in May?"

CONduit is a local sf/f con held yearly in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So she passed the idea by the programming coordinator for CONduit, whom I have contacted, and I've begun the process of doing just that.



I'm really excited, nervous, excited, nervous...

But mostly excited.


Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury said...

Well, I'm excited to come to your presentation.

Don't let them schedule you for Sunday, okay?

Vincent said...

I told her I'd be available on Friday or Saturday.

Anonymous said...

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