Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jessica Day George

I just spent a lovely evening with a Salt Lake area reading group. This reading group just happens to include Jessica Day George, whose book Princess of the Midnight Ball we discussed.

Unfortunately, I hadn't read the book, but certainly plan to.

Fortunately I had been speed-reading through a couple of her books so I at least had some idea of what kind of author she is.

I have to say, I very much enjoy her work. I've read Dragon Slippers and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. I really liked both, which surprised me.

If you're reading this, Jessica, don't stop now. I promise this post is meant to be NOTHING but complimentary.

You see, I've heard Jessica speak or participate on panels several times, and each time I have been entertained by her wit. She's a genuinely funny and fun person. So when I began reading her books I expected them to have that same kind of wit. I expected something more akin to Patricia C. Wrede or Terry Pratchet.

What I got were beautifully written stories with a depth that belied what I had seen of her before. Jessica is a wonderful author of youth fiction--but youth fiction that adults can enjoy with relish.


Thanks to Jessica for her stories, and to Kathleen for inviting me, and to Lucy for driving an old blind lady safely through a snowstorm.

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