Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue Screen of DEATH!!

I got one last night.

The first on this computer. We've had it over 5 years.

That would make it certifiable as a technological dinosaur, but it's been a pretty good computer to carry us through some rough times with no major troubles. We had to replace the power supply once, the CD drive once, and upgraded our RAM once.

Unfortunately, the company who made it isn't in business anymore. They were a small local firm called Totally Awesome Computers, and they made, bar none, the best computer around with THE best warranty in the business. All we've ever had to pay for was parts for the one upgrade.

They didn't, however, go out of business because the business was failing. Instead the owner of the business failed to keep his personal-life head on straight and ended up making himself a lot of enemies in the community. After having himself painted as the bad guy in one too many situations (when in actuality he was more the irresponsible, reckless guy rather than 'bad' per se) he decided he was done doing business in Utah.

He's still in Utah.

He spent the last year or so trying to polish his image, then he ran for governor. He's ultra-conservative, but kind of an ass. He lost. Badly. He hadn't polished enough, I guess.

I, personally, wish he'd quit acting like an ass and get back into the business of making computers.

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