Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party, Ogden, Utah???

I would LOVE to attend a Tax Day Tea Party in my area, but haven't found one yet. So I'm going to see if I can find one through my blog. I understand that if you repeatedly include information in a webpost, it will be more likely to come up in a websearch, so here goes:

Ogden, Utah, Tax Day Tea Party anyone? If you live in Ogden, Utah or Weber County, Utah and are organizing a Tax Day Tea Party, I and possibly my family would be interested in attending.

That's Ogden, Utah, Tax Day Tea Party or Weber County Tax Day Tea Party.

Got that?

Ogden, Utah, Tax Day Tea Party


Weber County Tax Day Tea Party

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runningtoretirement said...

Go to the SE page. The party is on the lawn of the Municpal Building from 12-2:00 Pm tomorrow.

Shannon S. said...

There is also a Tax Day Tea Party in Brigham City at 7pm on the Court House steps on Main Street - right in the middle of town. In the flier that I read, it said to "bring your flags, signs and families". It would be great if a lot of people showed up to support us!

Vincent said...

YAY! Thanks!

Lindy said...

We do need an Ogden UT Tax Tea Party Day, who can help us get organized, can any of you set up a web page --just a general page that gives time and date and maybe a place for people to sign up. Musician's can bring their musical instruments, we could use some speakers, I will help who is our Leader??? I've heard there has been some organizing and I'm sure there are more that want to join in. Praise our forefathers who stood up tall and spoke out loud and organized. I will help too or I'll see you there. Someone please confirm the date is it 7 April 2010 for Weber County Tax Day.

Sign Up:

Calm but loud and firm speakers

Musicians bring your musical instruments

Choir bring your voices

Get your guitars and lets have a sign up of your voluntary thoughts

Who'll make a short and sweet web page -- where we can put up our names with a promise to attend

Other's your thoughts please add and keep them coming. Looks like The Nightingale's Cage is it for the moment.

Lindy Dare of Roy UT

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to bring American Flags, and signs.....Smile we are good law abiding citizens wearing our hearts on our shoulders. Weber County TAX Tea Party Day -- where is our leader......

Anonymous said...

Wednesday April 7, 2010 TEA PARTY
Check List
Bring American Flags
Bring Signs Tea Party
Location: Weber County Municipal Bldg, Ogden Utah 12:00-2:00 P.M.
Communicate here with each other for updates until we get an official Link site.