Sunday, September 20, 2009


I read a recent article on entitled, "Play the Race Card," by Raina Kelley.

The most ridiculous statement:

"When "Tea Party" leader Mark Williams appears on CNN and speaks of "working-class people" taking "their" country back from a lawfully elected president, he is not just protesting Obama's politics; he is griping over the fact that this country's most powerful positions are no longer just for white men."

How do you explain that? How do you justify that? How does she expect racism to be an issue of importance to ANYONE when she inflames it in this way?

A few points about racism:

1. The very term is becoming twisted to mean something it does not. It doesn't just mean hatred or mistrust or prejudice of someone based on color of skin or nationality. Now it means disagreeing with someone with a different color of skin or nationality. Did these people never learn the basics of logic? Is common sense lost altogether? I mean, really people. White people were key in electing President Obama. Now, however, those who voted against him and those who have now turned against him have done so entirely because of his race. No other reason. Really? Couldn't POSSIBLY be his Marxist policies and the corruption he surrounds himself with.

2. Racism seems to be the only weapon the hard-line left has to combat the conservative revolution that's taking place in the nation right now. They can't argue facts--because they're either too embarrassing and revealing or they simply don't know them. They can't defend their position based on constitutional principles, because their positions fly in the face of constitutional principles. So they're trying their darndest to paint those who question or disagree with their agendas as stupid, violent, racist, zealots. Hmm. Interesting correlation between this unfounded attack and the propaganda Hitler spread about Jews, et. al.

I'm beginning to think the comparisons between President Obama and his administration and hard-line communists, fascists, Marxists, and socialists aren't all that off the mark.

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