Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Body of Work

I did some organizing today and surprised myself.

I have two published stories.

I have two stories I want to develop into novels.

I found I have 21 completed stories that have yet to find homes. Three of those are currently in slush piles. Several of them are early work or very specific work that I'm not sure I'll ever try to find homes for. For now they're fodder for future revisions or there just for my own enjoyment. Maybe I'll self publish a couple of them here. But not today.

I have 9 stories that are started and in various stages of completion.

I have another 12 or 14 story ideas waiting for some level of excitement on my part in order to get moving on them.

Remember me saying that my brain tends to compartmentalize information? It's in my first post, here:

Well, I had forgotten about many of those story ideas until I started organizing my files. A couple of them had an "I wrote that?" moment to go with them. Funny how the mind works.

I think I'll try selling some of my less 'great' stories to some of the more entry-level markets. Get some sales! Even if they're not "paid."

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