Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never Get Distracted When There Are SNAKES on the Line!

So my oldest daughter has been a little stressed lately. And in a moment of stress she, kinda, sorta, maybe, you know, left the lid off the snake tank.

Now snakes are pretty much mindless hunting machines, but they're smart enough to know freedom when they see it.

Who'da thunk? They just lie there on the sand all day long. We only know they've moved because we come in a couple hours later and they're curled up in a different part of the tank than they were before. But leave the lid off the tank and they suddenly become all full of energy.

We discovered this because someone--my son, I think--saw something moving on the floor where something should NOT have been moving on the floor. I mean, things move on our floor a lot. We have parakeets that are semi-free to fall to the ground and waddle around on the carpet. We have a dog who is sometimes moving (about as often as the snakes) and lies on the floor a WHOLE lot. We have children who are ALWAYS moving, but not often on the floor.

As a family, on our family fun night, we spent a good hour scouring under beds, dressers, in closets, behind bookcases, for snakes.

That's just the littlest bit harrowing. Spying and reaching into dark corners looking for something that might consider your warm wiggly finger prey?

But find them we did.

Oh, and the twice bitten/regurgitated goldfish died. Poor little fella, again.

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