Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where to Submit!

So Nightingale is searching for a new market, but won't tell me which one it wants.

I'm looking at three potential markets:

Andromeda Spaceways
Abyss & Apex

All three are good markets with good reputations. None of them are pro-rate, SFWA qualifying. I've pretty much exhausted those markets, except Strange Horizons. But I'm highly doubtful Nightingale is something Strange Horizons might want. I have several stories that might do all right at SH. Nightingale isn't one of them.

Currently only Adromeda Spaceways is open to submissions. Both Abyss & Apex and Interzone have 'reading periods'--May is the next one for both of them. If I send Nightingale to Andromeda, it's unlikely I'll receive a reply before the reading period for A&A and IZ are closed. IZ has only two open reading periods per year for fiction. So, I guess what I'll do is wait until May, submit at Interzone, then if they reject, I'll try A&A during their next reading period--which is in August. If it still doesn't sell, I'll try Andromeda.

Until then, I have a couple of stories in the works (one a twist of Red Riding Hood, the other a story based on a strange sight my daughter and I saw at the grocery store a while ago--a little old man and woman getting into a vehicle with the license plate DEVL666), and still plenty of work to do schooling and reading slush.

I still have two stories in slush piles--"Jack of Stones" at Weird Tales, and "Hummingbird" at Flashfictiononline.

Wish me luck!


Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Give Strange Horizons a try. You never know, and I think you might be surprised. I can't remember the wordcount on Nightingale. Have you tried Clarkesworld?

Suzanne Vincent said...

My word count on Nightingale is almost 10,000 words, after a serious struggle to pare it down from over 11,000. When I mentioned SH in the blog I'd forgotten they prefer shorter stories--5000 words for the most part.

That's one of the problems I've had with a number of my stories--not enough markets accept stories over about 5000 words, and there's just no way I'm going to shorten it THAT much.

Suzanne Vincent said...

Any other suggestions?

It's been to IGMS, F&SF, Realms of Fant., and a whirl with WOTF.