Wednesday, September 3, 2008

B&N and School

I have to admit to being one of the fussiest frugal people in the world.

I went to B&N and, surprising myself and everyone else, actually bought a book at full price! But only one book. I tend to like to get the most out of my money and I only had $50 or so dollars to spend.

As most of you probably know, $50 doesn't go very far at Barnes and Nobles.

The book I bought for full price was:
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization
It seems a light-hearted conservative approach to history to counterbalance the overabundance of historical drivel that's out there.

I think the line that sold me the book was this:

(In describing a book he recommends) "As such, it is sure to offend many--a sure sign that it's right on target."


The rest of the books were 'bargain' books!

Such as a guide to home remedies called The Guide to Remedies--a nice little easy to use book that gives uses for many homeophathic, herbal and essential oil treatments. It missed one, though. Ladies, take note--lavender essential oil works wonders for monthly cramps! Wonders! Use it straight from the bottle and rub some on your lower abdomen and on the muscles that run down either side of your spine, at about elbow height. Cramps GONE in 30 seconds! I'm living proof it works. After 27 years of taking perscription and OTC medication for cramps, I haven't taken ANY in eight months.

Next book, a collection of short horror stories called 100 Hair-raising Little Horror Stories. The book is only 450 pages long or so, so most of the stories are flash length. Unfortunately for me, my son has absconded with it and I haven't seen it since I bought it. *sigh*

My last selection was What the Bible Didn't Say, by J. Stephen Lang. My daughter has been reading that one, and enjoying it. I think it's the first time she's read a book on religion (she reads voraciously, but seldom any non-fiction) that has some ideas counter to our own religious beliefs. It's been fun seeing the cogs in her head whirling and her mind opening. I really love that about homeschool.

Public school rarely opens minds. It automates them.

So, on to school.

We're now done with the first half of the first week of "full" school. Last week the two older kids started with band and orchestra over at the high school, but we only started our home study curriculm yesterday. Now that they're into it, I think they're excited. They're learning some new and fascinating things. It's nice to have all of us actively engaged in similar pursuits. We actually schooled until almost 4:00 today with no complaints--just busy kids learning.

So nice.

I suppose I can't begrudge summer for wanting to move on.

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