Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sale, A Win, and a We're Still Considering

Just heard from Haruah: Breath of Heaven. They do indeed want to buy "Hummingbird" after I sent it to them with the requested edits.


I'm also the winner in this week's Flash Challenge over at Liberty Hall with a little story about a boy who buys a lemon of a horse from a sleazy used horse salesman. It's called "Bait."

I also heard from EveryDayFiction. They've had my story "The Cleansing" (a historical psychological piece about the last man left alive on a plague ship that speaks to him) since July. They sent me a note to say that they're 'delaying' a decision due to staff vacations. I'm taking this to mean that they're considering it, rather than simply that they haven't read it yet. I could be wrong. But they HAVE had it for almost two months, and generally guarantee a 2 month turnover on responses.

We'll see.

But I seem to be on a roll, no?

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Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Here's to continuing the win!