Monday, September 1, 2008


Remember how I said we have four of the five classes of vertebrates living at our house?

We don't anymore.

Now we have ALL FIVE!!!

I finally made it to Barnes & Nobles today--had SUCH a good time perusing book stacks. While I was there, hubby and the kids went on a little exploratory adventure and ended up at a local pond that was literally swarming with frogs. So many frogs they found a few neatly flattened frogs in the parking lot. No spilling guts, just a flat frog on the pavement.

They made quick work of catching five of them. (The live ones.) FIVE! We're not naming them. We can't tell them apart well enough. Maybe we will. Maybe we'll start to notice endearing little personality differences and...

What am I saying?!? They're FROGS! People disect them in science class (which the kids have already forbidden, despite the fact that it would be immensely educational)!

At any rate, we spent an hour or more arranged a frog-tat for them, complete with plants, rocks, house, swimming pool, patio...


So now we have:
1 dog & 2 rabbits (mammals)
2 parakeets (birds)
1 guppy & 1 siamese fighting fish (er, fish)
3 garter snakes (reptiles)
5 frogs (amphibians)

TOTAL: Fifteen!

We humans are now outnumbered 3 to 1.

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