Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Happy

Christmas Happy started last year at our house.

Basically we had a housefull of grumps in the days before Christmas--part PMS, part seasonal blues, part the lack of good snow (which resolved itself in spades and spades and spades over the next several weeks. See?

So I, being the perpetually non-grumpy one these days, finally had had enough of it. I threatened physical harm to anyone who didn't put on a happy face and figure out how to be Christmas Happy! Contradictory, I know. But it worked. Grimaces turned to laughter, complaints turned to singing. We had one of the best, happiest Christmases ever--all because we made a conscious effort to change the way we thought, the way we felt, the way we acted.

So this year, all I've had to do to bring smiles to my family's faces is ask, "Are you Christmas Happy?"

And they chime back with, "I'm Christmas Happy!"

Santa, Santa tell me, please,
How many days 'til Christmas!
Six more days and six more nights,
Then it will be Christmas!


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