Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movies and Books

So I have this friend who loves movies and books as much as I do. Every once in awhile I'll get an email: "Suzanne, you'll love this book/movie!" And every once in awhile I send her a similar email.

So she blogged yesterday about seeing Hancock over the weekend and that it was, well, not worth the viewing. At any rate, she got me thinking about movies, so I thought, just for the heck of it, I'd list a few really great movies I've seen over the past few months:

Iron Man--Robert Downey Jr. played this role excellently.
Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead--Odd. That's all. Odd. One of those movies that you find yourself scratching your head all the way through, but feel, sorta-kinda, satisfied that you spent the time watching it.
Without A Clue--Remember that one? Ben Kingsley as Watson--the real brains behind the detective duo--and Michael Caine as the hired front man Holmes? Fun.
Saint Ralph--a 14-year-old kid believes with all his heart that if he can win the Boston Marathon his mother will awaken from her coma. Really funny, amazing, touching story.
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything--If you've never watched a Veggie Tales movie, you should. Even if you don't have kids. Especially if you don't have kids. You can enjoy them so much more if you don't have kids around to make you feel strange for loving kids movies. They are my child-inside-me-vice.
The Muppet Show--any season. I hope I don't have to qualify myself here. I mean, it's the Muppet Show!
Outsourced--a sweet little Independent film about a guy who is sent to India to train his own replacement in a mail-order call center. We loved it.
The Cowboys--one of John Wayne's later films, The Cowboys is SO much more than a Western. It's about courage and growing up, as well as growing old. Wonderful film if you've never seen it.
Be Kind Rewind--a quirky film with Jack Black as a paranoid conspiracy theorist who helps his buddy, played by the very talented Mos Def, attempt to save a WAY-behind-the-times video store from demolition. Funny and sweet.
Schultze Gets the Blues--a sweet little film about a retired German salt-mine worker who takes his accordion all the way to America for a German festival, but finds Zydeco instead. Very endearing film. Highly recommended.
A Trip to Bountiful--Lovely film. If I remember correctly, Geraldine Page won an Academy Award for her performance (one of her last) in this film. A wonderful story (keep your hanky nearby) of an old woman's journey home.

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Wendy Noel said...

Ok Suzanne I found this through Hollys blog but I want to get on your family one if thats ok. Ineed you to invite me so i can see your cute family in action. this is my email address. thanks Wendy Noel holegab@yahoo.com