Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hypocrisy and Lies Today: President Gremlin

Remember when candidate Obama promised he would air negotiations with drug companies on C-SPAN? Remember when he demonized the drug companies and their executives?

Well this week he climbed into bed with one of the most 'evil' of them all [according to him] in a secret, behind-doors deal.

And the best part? It's not just the 'ultra-right-wing-sick-twisted-freak-paranoid-weirdos' who are reporting it.

Greg Powell reported on the deal on Air America--an undeniably liberal news organization.

A couple of choice quotes from Powell:

"It took an investigative reporter from the LA Times to discover that there were secret meetings, secret negotiations, by Barack Obama's people, with the big drug companies, and they had a deal that there would be an 80 billion dollar chop in the prices by the drug company [Me: a whopping 2.2% price cut, by the way], and it was a deal in secret. Billy Tauzin, the guy who Barack Obama, during the campaign, said 'this guy's a creep, we won't deal with him,' that was they guy they shook hands with, and when I say 'shook hands' that ain't metaphorical. It was a backroom deal..."

"First of all, it makes me puke that we've just been 'Cheneyed' by a guy named Barack Obama, who said we would never do this. It would be on C-SPAN [March 2008, Ohio]. And it wasn't on C-SPAN. And rather than fess up and say, "I did the wrong thing; I had secret negotiations," even with the guy he said he would never talk to, Billy Tauzin, it was like...[no relevant text omitted, just stumbling over words at this point]...every line was crossed."

"I'm going to say something that should light up your lines. What if the people out there screaming and breaking up discussion at town meetings are correct? What if you have a situation in which you have secret meetings being held by the President, it's the absolute fascist nightmare, because fascism is defined as government combining with corporate powers to impose their profit-making regime on us?"

The interviewer sums up the deal this way: "The drug industry's agreeing to give us a future savings of 80 billion dollars as long as Obama promises that we won't negotiate to lower drug prices, which was what we were asking for in health care reform, which was to lower drug prices. He's cut this deal saying, 'Hey, if you give us a little bit of savings, we'll keep the drug prices high.' That doesn't sound right."

Hmm. Some of us who voted against Obama kind of had niggling thoughts that maybe this guy wasn't what he seemed. Some of us even warned the rest of you that he was REALLY not what he seemed, that America would suffer for putting him in office [and don't even get me STARTED on the deficit]. The interviewer on this particular interview with Powell at one point said: "He's such a...a charming liar, though. [giggling]"

Yes he is that. Charming. AND a liar. A likeable villain. As a writer, he's exactly the kind of bad guy you hope to create. But guess what. He's still a bad guy. He'll still try to take over the world, or kill off the hero. He's the perfect Gremlin, and he's asking you to feed him after midnight. Fortunately, we can hurt him by exposing him to light. Light is truth and knowledge. Unfortunately there are those who will deny he's been fed, will deny what he really is, and will still see the cute little furball they hoped for and will keep watering him and his comrades so they continue to multiply unchecked by anything close to common sense. Maybe now instead of talking about being 'Cheneyed' we can talk about being 'Obama-ed.'

[For those of you too young to get the reference, follow this link: ]

If you're interested in viewing the montage video [complete with video of Obama telling his lies] put together by Naked Emporor News--yes, a conservative outlet--go here:

Funny, in the background on this video you'll see a message from one of Obama's campaign commercials. The message, shown over Obama's voice, says, "Barack Obama is the only candidate who refuses Washington lobbyist money and passed the strongest law yet to curb lobbyist power," all while talking about Billy Tauzin and the evil money grubbing drug companies. Hmm.

Could it be he takes lobbyist money? HE just does it under the table?

A relevant quote from Bugs Bunny: "Mmmmmmmmmm. Could be!"

Wake up, America, and do something.

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