Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hypocrisy Today: Are you a Patriot or UnAmerican?

In 2003, during the Bush administration, Liberal Democart Senator Hillary Clinton said that is our Patriotic right and duty to protest a government whose policies we disagree with.

This week, during the Obama administration, Liberal Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that those who protest and/or disgree with the government drive toward socialized medicine are UnAmerican.

The press likes to interview Americans who speak out against this government, or who *gasp* even demand detailed answers as to what they're up to on Capitol Hill, making it almost a sport to make those brave enough to disagree look as stupid as possible, taking great care to dig into the pasts and presents of regular, Main-street Americans to discredit them. You certainly didn't see this sort of thing during the Bush administration--unless of course they agreed with the President.

Late-night comedians who used to rib at the Republican president a year ago, have no comparable ribbing to bestow upon their favored son, Democrat Barack Obama.

The Constitution guarantees us the right to free speech.

"That's OK," say the powers on high. "Let them speak. We'll make their speech irrelevant by mocking it and demeaning it until they quit speaking altogether. We'll laud and honor and encourage those who do so. We'll reap the fruits of political correctness to push forward our agenda without so much as a whimper."


Danette said...

Suzanne, Hello. I'm Danette Hansen, we met long time ago at a writer's conference. Just today I ran across a story you let me have a copy of, "Star King." I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it again. I do remember the fun story you wrote about Bully Goat's Gruff. I hope you don't mind wondering how you are and how writing it treating you? the last we talked you had a piece in published online. I would love to hear how things are going for you.

Danette said...

Okay I just jumped straight to the comments. I just read your accomplishments on the blog page. Wow, how great!