Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hyposcrisy Today: Congress Buys Itself 2 New Jets

I had to dig pretty deep to find a source for this story that would satisfy the more left-leaning folk who may come across this post.

It's reported high and low among conservative columnists and bloggers.

But ABC News did manage to get it out, hiding it on the fifth or sixth Google page I perused.

Here's the link:

Be sure to read the whole thing. You have to slide down beyond a bar of ads to get to the rest of the story.

Now, let's compare. This is from November when the Big 3 auto execs were verbally slapped for arriving in Washington on private jets to ask for taxpayer money:

It says in the latter article the auto companies have policies in place requiring their top execs to travel by private jet for 'safety' reasons. I can see that. I really can. They're the leaders of some of the biggest corporations in America, who directly employ thousands upon thousands of people and whose industry indirectly employs millions more. They are at the head of a juggernaut that helps, to a large degree, keep America going. It doesn't bother me that they fly in corporate jets.

Apparently it bothered congress. It bothered congress that these auto execs used private company money to purchase these jets and to pay for the flight to Washington. It bothered ME that they flew to Washington at all, but that's another matter.

But it DOESN'T bother congress to use PUBLIC money, your money and my money, to buy themselves a couple of their own private jets. Heck, it's just a couple hundred million dollars tagged onto an already approved expenditure. Right? It's not their money anyway. Right? What difference does it make when we're talking about TRILLIONS. Right? Heck, if we're buying one for the Pentagon, why not throw in a couple for us! Right? If auto execs aren't important enough to fly commercial, Congressmen certainly aren't.

Congress, my friends, is corrupt, on both sides of the aisle, in the vast majority of individuals, and it's high time we the people opened our eyes to that fact. It's high time we use our power to fix this rather egregious error.

Our duty as citizens of this nation is to MISTRUST those who seek and hold political office, to MISTRUST the looming shadow of government, and by this mistrust, keep the government checked and balanced. Because despite the great cares taken by the founders to provide the government with its own checks and balances, they knew it wouldn't hold without the people to make the executive and legislative branches of government honest.

With but a very few exceptions, they're as honest and thieves and Pharisees.

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